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We know there can be a lot of questions when it comes to visiting your optometrist's office. To help provide some insight we've put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ'S) we often hear.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Our friendly staff members at Vision Plus Bellevue are happy to help provide additional information. 

Frequently Asked Questions




My insurance mentions something about a hardware benefit.  What is that? 

The hardware benefit usually refers to the benefit your insurance company provides you for the purchase of glasses and/or contact lenses.  This is sometimes separate from your benefit for the eye exam or other medical services.  Hardware benefits vary between insurance companies and plans, so we are always glad to help you determine your specific plan information.  

Is there really a difference in quality between different types of frames or glasses lenses?

Yes. Just like most goods, there are differing levels of quality when it comes to frames and lenses.  In the same way higher quality electronics may function better, or higher quality materials may last longer; higher quality frames and lenses will often be more durable and provide better clarity and comfort. The quality of the lenses can often make a significant difference in how the lenses look and function.  This is especially true when it comes to strong prescriptions, progressive lenses (sometimes called no-line bifocals), anti-glare coatings, or special features like Transitions lenses (which change color when you go outside).  Each patient has different needs when it comes to their glasses, so we try to provide a range of options to suit different requirements, budgets, and styles. During your visit, our optical staff can help make recommendations to find the right options for your specific needs.

I didn't get my exam at your office, can I still order my glasses or contacts through you?

Yes.  We are happy to help you fill your outside prescriptions for glasses and/or contact lenses.  If you have a copy of your current prescription handy, please bring it with you when you visit.  We can also contact your optometrist’s office to get a copy; and assist you with checking your insurance benefits, if applicable. 

How does the process of ordering glasses work? 

The Vision Plus Bellevue optical staff will help you select a frame that you love and that works well with your facial shape and prescription (certain prescriptions are better suited to certain frame types).  We will then discuss your different lens options and take measurements needed to properly place the lenses into your frame.  The lenses are then made to specification and carefully inserted into your frames.  The final glasses are then inspected for quality and accuracy.  This process normally takes about two weeks; and, once complete, we will promptly notify you when your glasses are ready for pick up.  At that time, we will make some final adjustments so the glasses are sitting comfortably and working well for you. 


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